Tough weekend at the office in Mugello 🇮🇹

Hi everyone,

Mugello is done and dusted, and unfortunately just never really had the pace to be in the fight at any stage across the weekend.

We spent the entire weekend turning things upside down, inside out to try to find some comfort but ultimately we just weren’t able to unlock the consistency in feeling needed to be competitive up there.

After the last few rounds ended in a DNF, I just tried to keep it together and ride within the window, not try and push too far outside and risk another crash and we had a good battle with Fabio (Quartararo) in the race but it was a lot of effort for no points.

It’s a difficult period, it’s no secret that we’ve been struggling. Mugello really brought to light a lot of the challenges that we’re facing, so it’s good that we have a test day here to now really work through the ‘whys’.

As for the individual sessions, we narrowly missed out on a direct entry into Q2 which was disappointing, and then in the Sprint Race, we were able to make up seven positions to finish up P12. Not where we want to be but there’s some silver lining there.

Now onto the test, this is an important one for us, and we’ll put our heads down to really work through some things and hopefully come away with some answers. 

I really believe in this project, and it is the case that this is a tough time, but I believe that it will make us stronger in the long run.




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