Tough time at the races in Jerez 😵‍💫

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, the Spanish GP didn’t go as planned in what was another rollercoaster ride for us.

We thought we could achieve some strong results here after last year’s performance and it’s always good to go to a place where you have a solid base setting to work from.

We struggled a little bit in the practice sessions for comfort and also timing. It's hard to find space on this circuit because it is so tight and it’s easy to come across other riders on your flying laps, which I got caught up in a little bit.

Anyway, I did actually feel pretty good on the bike after we made some changes and moved away from what we were running in Austin, which translated to 5th in Q1 which was decent for us.

For the Sprint Race, the track was tricky and we had some unfortunate issues that I was really battling out there, which ultimately resulted in dropping it and tumbling down the order. I did what I could to salvage a result in that one after remounting, and 14th is what we ended that day with which was disappointing.

When it rains, it pours sometimes - so they say, and we’re battling hard as a team right now to turn a bit of that luck around, which I’m confident we’ll do, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately though, that luck would follow us into the Feature Race, where we were running solidly until I wore a bike to the side at turn 5 which sent us flying into the gravel and out of the race. Until then, I’d broken away from the pack behind me and was pushing to catch the boys in front, but ultimately it wasn’t to be.

Disappointing, it feels like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, although we have a crucial test now and it’ll be nice to be able to cross a few things off the list and see where we’re at. Le Mans is next on the calendar, that’s a place I love having won there in the past, and is also a place I feel we can get these bikes hooked up well for.

Until then, we’ll keep pushing, and pretty soon we’ll start stacking some good points on the board.




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