Speed shown in challenging Texas weekend 😌

Hi everyone,

Well, another challenging round of MotoGP here for Round 3 in Austin, we showed some immense speed throughout the weekend which was promising, however we weren't able to convert that into a result.

The Texas GP is always one of my favourites; I don't shy away from the opportunity to throw on a cowboy hat and talk with a bit of that Texas Twang. It’s also a round to tweak the kit a little, and thanks to Alpinestars and Dirt Studios, we were running a pretty trick setup this year.

On track, the feeling was decent from the get-go for the practice sessions - we dialed in the bike a little more each time with some adjustments. We were able to translate that to topping the timesheets in Q1 which was nice, which took me into Q2.

11th in Q2 - not a great deal to write home about but got off to a good launch in the Sprint Race; the RC16 really hooks up off the line. Ended up with 7th in that one, so we fought our way up the field which was positive, although I still felt like we left a little out on the table.

Got off to another great start in the Feature Race, and was mixing it up with the frontrunners there for a good handful of laps - up until lap seven actually and then ran into some unexpected, unforeseen issues. The rear just started to come around on me, and I just had absolutely no grip, and that was about all she wrote. Was forced to ride pretty defensively after that, and ultimately crossed the line in 13th.

Disappointing because I felt good during those seven laps, the bike was working great, better than the day before, right up until it wasn’t. We have a fantastic package, I was able to fight up there with the boys, but it was an unforeseen issue today, and it is what it is.

We’re working, pushing really hard with myself and the team, and we can see that the potential is right there, it’s really about just putting those last pieces of the puzzle together.

Onto Jerez next, we’ll get stuck in, put our heads down and try to come out stronger in Spain.





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