Points Banked In Germany 🇩🇪

Hi everyone,

Turns out the improvements we found in Assen were real steps in the right direction, as we had a decent outing in Germany all things considered 🤟

We hit the ground running quite quickly at the Sachsenring, with the feeling on the motorcycle pretty good as soon as we rolled it out. Missing out on Q2 by a bees pecker was disappointing, although there were more positives to take which kept us optimistic moving into the weekend.

This circuit once again varies in its features, with some high-speed sections, lower-speed corners, and sweepers making the lap. This means that you need to have a bike that handles all aspects well to optimize your riding.

Took off for the Sprint Race, and were there or thereabouts throughout, but we made a call on balance that probably hindered us a little bit at the beginning - things came alive at about the halfway mark, although a lot of damage was done by that stage in the race. P11 was the result, and honestly, not too bad.

For the Feature Race, I’m a bit bloody stoked again to just have a solid Saturday. These last couple of weekends are probably the happiest I’ve ever been for these finishes, but the way the year was going, it’s just nice to bank some decent finishes.

We managed to solve the front-end issues in the race, but we suffered with the rears from the get-go. Not sure what the issues were, but I just couldn’t get through sector one cleanly for the life of me, each lap was a bit wild and weird through there  😅

All in all, more progress, keen for the summer break to take some time to recharge and refresh, then we’ll be back at it in Silverstone.





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