Momentum Builder In Assen 🇳🇱

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back on the recap, we had a bit of time off there but fired things back up in Holland for GP8 of the season 🤟

Getting back to Assen is always enjoyable - the Cathedral of Speed as they call it definitely lives up to its name each time we visit. With various turns and high-speed sections, it tests all aspects of the rider and the bike.

We knuckled down as soon as we arrived in Assen, focused on the job at hand and put our best foot forward in dialling in the RC16. The opening sessions presented a bit of a challenge as we were down the order in practice, but we kept plugging away and reviewing the data to make progress.

One issue seemed to lead to another in practice, although we got on top of a few things entering the Sprint Race. Managed to have a nice battle with Pedro and the boys which I enjoyed, but we still had a bit of work to do overnight to climb up the order…13th was our finishing position for that one.

For the Feature Race, that was our best showing in a while, to be honest. We made a big change in the morning, which had the bike working quite well. Decent start for us, then dropped off slightly in the early stages, but was able to fight my way back into the race later on.

Really, it was super nice to have some confidence in the front end, which took me a while to take full advantage of. We’re still plugging away, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we made big progress this weekend and we’ll look to take it to the next one.

P11 feels good here in Assen, nice to get a result on the board, and I feel like this is the inkling of momentum we need to trend things in the right direction. 💪

Cheers for the support,



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